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Geometry for A Symmetric 2-Path Atom Interferometer Model


Lecturer Yakubu Adamu, I.b.b. University, Lapai, Niger State, Nigeria
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Charles H-T Wang, University of Aberdeen, United Kingdom


It is often argued that the sensitivity of atom interferometer depends on the geometry of the interfering atom paths, conventionally, atom interferometer are usually configured to be sensitive to all deformations including tensor and scalar field deformations, it is a promising and robust tool for obtaining a highly sensitive and accurate measurements of gravitational signals, as such they are potentially capable of testing a wide range of fundamental physics questions including gravitational decoherence. Therefore, motivated by the recent search to improve the sensitivity of the next generation atom interferometer, we derived an expression, which defines the geometry of the interfering paths for a 2-level atom interferometer model, and in doing so, we further analysed various configurations for the geometric interpretation, in addition to interferometric influence phase shift and a possible decoherence factor which could lead to a systematic theoretical framework for future sensing of weak forces, due to, for example, gravitational waves and light dark matter.


geometry, interferometer, phase shift, two-level atom, symmetry  


Adamu, Y. & Wang, C.H. (2020). Geometry for A Symmetric 2-Path Atom Interferometer Model. In V. M. Bradley & I. Sahin (Eds.), Proceedings of iLSET 2020--International Conference on Life Sciences, Engineering and Technology (pp. 26-29). Monument, CO, USA: ISTES Organization. Retrieved 04 December 2020 from


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