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Analysis and Comparison of The Meaning of Waves in Physics, Mathematics, Music, Fine Arts, Everyday Life


Teacher Goranka Stanić, School of Art and Design in Osijek, Croatia


In my work, I made a comparison of the physical phenomenon "wave" which is in various ways associated with mathematics, music, speech, fine arts. A wave is the propagation of a disturbance by which energy is transmitted through a medium without the medium as a whole moving. When waves are found at the boundary between two different means, their deflection, refraction or reflection (repulsion) occurs and, under special conditions, standing waves. Mechanical waves can propagate only through a substance (medium), while electromagnetic waves can also propagate in a vacuum. The depressions that occur when we throw the agent into the water are called wave valleys, and the protrusions are called wave ridges, and in the case of transfer wave waves, the ridges are areas of higher density, and the valleys of rarer density. Waves are described by: wavelength λ, distance between two banks or valleys of a sinusoidal wave; the period of the wave T, the time elapsed as the wave shifts by one wavelength; wave number k, the magnitude of the reciprocal wavelength, and frequency f, the magnitude of the reciprocal period. During one period, during T in which the particle in the wave source performed one complete oscillation, the oscillation shifted by the wavelength λ. I compared the properties of waves in different branches, physics, electromagnetic waves, sound waves. Tone in musical art is marked by note, octave, pitch, and place on the musical scale. The intensity of the wave is in the musical volume, in the fine arts purity and colors. Harmony is the proper oscillation or alternation of valleys and ridges in a classical mechanical wave, in fine art there is talk of harmony of colors and shapes, and musical art of a major that is cheerful, pleasant, veso, or mole, which though harmonious sounds sad.


waves, in physics, mathematics, music, fine arts  


Stanić, G. (2020). Analysis and Comparison of The Meaning of Waves in Physics, Mathematics, Music, Fine Arts, Everyday Life. In V. M. Bradley & I. Sahin (Eds.), Proceedings of iLSET 2020--International Conference on Life Sciences, Engineering and Technology (pp. 19-25). Monument, CO, USA: ISTES Organization. Retrieved 04 December 2020 from


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